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Uganda boasts of temperate climate even though a bulky of its area is in the tropics with varying temperatures of 16 – 26°C (April – November), and over 30°C during warm seasons (December – March) . It also harbours the world’s second largest lake the victoria, the source of the world’s second longest river, the Nile.


Officially named The Republic of Uganda, headed by the President guided by the republican constitution. Voting qualifications are universal but for those above 18 years of age.

Economic profile and Currency

Consistently ranked among Africa’s fastest growing economies since 1986, Uganda has experienced a steady expansion infrastructures, and a corresponding increase in international tourist arrivals and upmarket facilities.
We use the Ugandan Shilling (UGX) denominated with /= sign.
Visit Uganda for a fascinating, unique, traditional, and warmly culture and environment. From a variety of interesting historical and cultural sites, to wildlife adventures, cultural interaction, traditional art and craft, sports, leisure and entertainment, and vegetation. Come and discover the Pearl of Africa


  • Gorrilla Safari
  • Adverture  tours
  • Cultural tours


The distinctive attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination arises from the variety of its game stock and its unspoiled scenic beauty. Within a relatively limited space of just over 240,000 square kilometers, Uganda offers an interesting contrast ranging from the wide East African plains and expansive savanna grasslands to the impenetrable mountain rain forests and snow peaked mountains in the south western parts of the country. Uganda offers a wide range of bird species for viewing in addition to numerous sporting opportunities such as mountain climbing and water sports including white water rafting. The opportunities in tourism range from constructing high quality accommodation facilities, operating tours and travel circuits to the development of specialized eco-tourism.

Travelling around

Travelling around Uganda has never been easier than today, flexibility exists in use of private or public transport. The improving transport network and extended communication facilities to upcountry regions is commendable.
Travelling around Uganda is truly an elegant adventure. There are several ways to get around in Uganda, and the option you choose will depend upon your time constraints and your budget. Travelling by road is the most accessible and probably the cheapest way to travel, and public transport connects all major locations, and ventures far off the beaten track.

Public Transport

Buses, Taxis, VIP vans and several touring trucks operated by Individual tour operators are all available for the tourists to use and reach to their destinations. Motorcycles (Boda Bodas), as they are locally known can always be used for short distances and at the minimum speed possible.
Please note that there’s no guarantee of safety on using any of the above. Make sure that you find the right operator or guide to assist you in this.
Costs for all these vary from time to time

Guide to investors

Uganda is a growing country with one of the fastest growing economies in East and Central African region. Find more about the available opportunities in the tourism industry.