Lake Bogoria National Reserve

The lake is saline and is found within Lake Bogoria National Reserve. The lake is shallow (2m deep) and was established as a National Reserve in November 1983. The great geologist J.W Gregory described the lake as “the most beautiful view in Africa”. Today this view still stands.

Lake Bogoria Park was opened to visitors in 1970. Tourists can seek accommodation at the Lake Bogoria Spa resort or opt for camping at the campsites. Accomodation can also be found in other Rift valley hotels close to the park. The lake’s hot springs offer a natural organic spa for visitors. A geological fact related to this lake is that the Great Rift Valley came about as a result of the volcanic activities taking place within the lake. The waters of the lake contain the blue- green algae that attract thousands of flamingoes.

The Park is located approximately 260km from Nairobi and about 25km from the lake Baringo Airstrip. It can be accessed by road or by air.

The main attraction of the Reserve would have to be the lake from which the hot springs can be seen erupting, along with the geysers. The springs erupt 2.5 -3 meters into the air and carry with them a strong pungent sulfur smell. However scenic, the water is dangerously hot and visitors are asked to tread carefully.

The thousands of flamingos that flock the lake add color, turning the shores pink. Animals can also be seen camouflaged in the bushy grassland surrounding the lake. These include buffalos, zebras, impalas, dik dik. The lake is the perfect spot to see the rare Greater Kudu. The picnic site is readily available for visitors along with a dramatic backdrop of the Laikipia Escarpment.

The lake’s vegetation is composed of dry bush, grasslands and riverine forests.